Toy Giveaway @ Saunders Studios

My Niece Velda and I  
by Marlene Steele


Kids In Marcy Houses Receive Gifts During Toy Giveaway

Christmas came a little early this year for kids in Brooklyn’s Marcy Houses. Two hundred and fifty kids received gifts as part of the second annual toy giveaway put on by Gifted Community Services. Each child received two...
by Damien Drakes


Speakers Bureau

GSC has a speaker bureau that offers a blueprint for at-risk youth and ex-offenders to break the chains of the street life and prison mentality. Our speaker bureau is unique in that we utilize formerly incarcerated individuals ...
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Gun Buy Back

Gun Buy Back   Gifted Community Services, Inc. is dedicated to stopping senseless violence that often result in death amongst innocent victims.  Our goal is to reduce the potential for gun related tragedies. GCS is pre...
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